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Effective contractor-customer relationships are only possible when they are built on a foundation of transparency and integrity. When choosing OCPI for your next project, you can anticipate just that.

After requesting your FREE estimate, you can expect the following:

- Meet with 1 or 2 Outlier representatives at the location of the proposed project. While you can expect smaller/individual projects to take 5-15 minutes, a full-scale renovation or large construction project can take longer. We obtain accurate measurements and collect as much information about your vision as possible.

- If product samples and/or further information is required, we will gather all necessary resources and arrange a second appointment with you. We want our clients to fully understand all options available to them as well as the associated costs before moving forward.

- Once we have verified the direction of your project and the products to be used, we will provide you with a formal estimate. This can be delivered via e-mail or in person and can be presented however you wish. For example, if you wish to see materials vs. labour separately, or you would like your renovation costs presented per room etc. We will also revise this quote as many times as necessary, within reason of course. When applicable, our estimates will also include primary drawings/blueprints to effectively communicate intricate details and design. If requested, detailed blueprints can also be provided at an additional cost.

- Once you have all the information and are completely comfortable with the plan we have presented you, just give us the "go-ahead". We will schedule a mutually convenient time/date to start your project. Just remember, our estimates are only valid for 30 days as material prices vary with season and availability. We also ask that all our valued customers sign a basic Contractor Agreement that clearly outlines the work to be performed, the responsibilities of each party, and payment details.

- While executing your project, we will maintain documented communication with you in the case of any surprises or problem areas.

- Upon completion, we ask that all customers review our work as soon as possible. Any concerns with the results will be dealt with promptly and effectively. Once the project is finished, you will receive a formal invoice via e-mail or in person. Payment will be due as per the terms outlined in the Contractor Agreement.

I hope this has been informative and reinforces your decision to choose Outlier Custom Projects Inc.

We look forward to working with you!


Spencer Sieben

Journeyman Carpenter, RSE

Owner / General Manager

Outlier Custom Projects Inc

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